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View our helpful video to see how to order online via fresho! Or browse through our products on our shop page and get a quote for your order.

Our Values

Our continual growth is testament to the standard of our reputation. In being able to supply the highest quality produce without jeopardising on customer service, we have managed to preserve the essence of a family business – the importance of good customer care. Our family approach has made Excel Food Service renown as an open and cooperative company.

Our Staff

Our staff are always willing to use their experience to best advise and support our customers; whether it be offering advice on the qualities of new products and their best use, to finding ways of helping businesses maintain their quality of output whilst simultaneously reducing their weekly outgoings on stock.

What we offer

We are always welcoming of feedback on our products and, in the event of any concerns, always endeavour to address the causes of such concerns.

Simply visit our contact page for details about how to get in touch with a memeber of our team.

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🎉 Exciting news at EFS! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new line of eco-friendly packaging options, helping you serve up sustainability with every meal. #EcoFriendly #CateringSolutions 🌱♻️

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🚀 Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at EFS. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the latest cutting-edge equipment and solutions to elevate your culinary creations. #Innovation #Catering #StayTuned 🔪🔥